Schroeder Capital - the preferred tool for cash management for global multinational enterprises

In the new century of the integration of information, big data and finance, it is particularly important to choose a high-quality cash management tool. Schroeder Capital provides customers with a combination of direct investment capabilities and broader solutions for all private market asset classes through hybrid funds and customized private asset authorization.

Schroeder has Strong Capital.
It is a subsidiary of Schroeder Investment Group and was founded by Johann Heinrich Schroeder, the founder of Schroeder Investment Group. It has a long history and long-term development prospects of more than 200 years. Schroeder Investment Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has become a constituent stock of the FTSE 100 Index. At present, Schroeder Capital manages assets of up to $96 billion, with 35 offices in 26 countries and more than 680 employees dedicated to private assets, including more than 300 investment professionals.

Business Diversification and Wide Range of Services
Schroeder Capital involves real estate, private equity, secondary market, venture capital, infrastructure, securitization products and asset financing, insurance-linked securities and influence investment. At the same time, it builds a global network platform, builds a big data architecture for information sharing, has a wider range of investment options, and increases risk hedging capabilities. Create the best matching investment plan for customers.

Investment Specialization and Sustainability
In close cooperation with hundreds of experienced professional managers, using decades of private equity expertise and management of more than 17 billion US dollars, covering the rich experience of 280 million people around the world, to provide customers with more valuable investment options. ESG comprehensively evaluates and implements each investment. At the same time, it combines social and environmental impacts with positive financial returns to make long-term investments in more than 100 emerging and frontier markets through a network of more than 750 financial institutions.

Generate global positive social and environmental influence
By investing in private property rights, infrastructure, etc. to increase high-quality jobs, real estate explores innovative ways to net zero carbon. Its Blue Orchard manages today‘s largest commercial microcredit fund and has always been committed to providing debt financing to financial institutions with critical positive social and environmental impact. Insurance-related aspects focus on helping reduce insurance costs, improving the opportunity and affordability to obtain protection, and strengthening the high-quality standards of insurance services. Through diversified cross-asset class and thematic investments, it has the ability to support the achievement of a series of sustainable development goals and their sub-goals in the fields of health and well-being. These methods achieve a lasting positive impact while seeking attractive market returns.

Simplify the investment difficulty of customers and improvements on the ease of use
Simplify the difficulty of customer investment and improve ease of use As the market becomes more complex and regulatory continues to strengthen, Schroeder Capital provides investors with customized end-to-end solutions to solve multi-dimensional investment problems in single and multi-asset classes. Thanks to its extensive alpha engine and innovation ability, analyzing the goals and limitations of investors from the beginning can provide simple solutions to multi-dimensional complex problems.

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